Earth works

All type of earth works including;

  • Cutting & Earth Filling.
  • Cleaning & Grubbing.
  • All types of Embankments.
  • Structural and Non-Structural Backfill.
  • Earth Filling for MSE walls.
  • Backfill for approach slabs etc.
Road works

All type of road construction including;

  • Sub-base and Aggregate Base Course.
  • Binder Course.
  • Bituminous Base Course.
  • Wearing Course.
  • Flexible Pavement.
  • Rigid Pavement.
  • Repair and improvement of Existing Roads.
  • Supply and Installation of Road Furniture.
  • Supply and Installation of Kerb Stone and Interlocking Tiles.
  • Road Marking.
  • Pedestrian Crossing and Footpath Construction.
  • Supply and installation of Road Signs.
  • Utilities and Underground Services.
Storm Water works

All type of Storm Water work including;

  • Excavation of Storm Water Network with Related Authorities Permit.
  • Connection of New and Existing Storm Water Works.
  • Provision of GRP, uPVC and PVC Pipes for the Network.
  • Supply and Installation of Catch Basin, Flush Inlets, Curb Inlets, Future Ducts.
  • Supply and Installation of Storm Water Manholes.
  • Construction of Surface runoff networks for green areas
Sewer network works

All type of sewer networks including;

  • Excavation of Sewer Network with Related Authorities Permit.
  • Connection of New and Existing Sewer Networks.
  • Construction of uPVC and RCC Pipes for the Sewer Network.
  • Supply and Installation of Manholes, Inspection Chambers and House Connection including Back Drops.
  • Over pumping Arrangements for Connection to Existing Networks.
  • Construction and Connection of Deep Manholes.
Landscaping Works

All type of Landscaping Works including;

  • Soft & Hard Landscape.
  • Construction and Maintenance of Gardens, Parks, Villas, Road Median and Other Outdoor/Indoor Landscape.
  • Services to Ensure Plant Growth, Cleaning Outdoor Facilities and Trimming of Over Grown Hedges.
  • Removal and Replantation of Trees with Authority Permits and Approvals.